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Best Website To Download Youtube Videos

Best Website To Download Youtube Videos

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Best Website To Download Youtube Videos

Best Website To Download Youtube Videos. Hey there, fellow YouTube enthusiasts! Ever wondered how to get your favorite YouTube videos onto your computer or phone? Well, you're in for a treat because we're diving into the exciting world of YouTube video downloading

So, What's YouTube Video Downloading All About?

YouTube video downloading is like having a secret stash of your favorite videos, right at your fingertips! It's the cool process of saving a copy of a YouTube video to your computer or mobile device. You can do this with all sorts of tools, like web-based downloaders, desktop software, and mobile apps.

But Why Do We Even Bother Downloading YouTube Videos?

Oh, there are plenty of reasons! Imagine this:

Watch Videos Offline

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Downloading lets you watch your faves without using up your data.

Make Compilations

Ever thought about creating your own video mashup? You can with downloaded videos, and share your epic creations with friends!

Editing Fun

Want to add your personal touch to a YouTube video? Downloading it is the first step in becoming a video editing pro.

Save for Later

Find an amazing video you might want to watch again? Download it to avoid endless searching!

Now, What's in it for You?

Downloading YouTube videos isn't just about having a secret stash. It comes with awesome perks:

Offline Viewing

No internet? No sweat! Watch your downloads anywhere, anytime.

Faster Streaming

Slow internet? Downloaded videos load faster because they come straight from your device, not some far-off server.

Better Quality

Some YouTube videos can look kinda pixelated when streaming. Downloading ensures you watch them in the highest quality possible.

Editing Magic

If you're into editing, you've got to download first. Most editing software doesn't play nice with online videos.

But Hold Up, There Are Some Risks Too!

Downloading YouTube videos isn't all rainbows and unicorns. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Copyright Trouble

Copyright Trouble

Downloading copyrighted videos without permission? Not cool! It's illegal and could land you in hot water.

Pesky Malware

Some downloaders come with nasty surprises like malware. Downloading from sketchy sources might infect your device.

Quality Woes

Not all downloaders are created equal. Some may give you low-quality videos or not have the format you want.

Safety First! How to Download YouTube Videos the Right Way

If you're gonna dive into the world of YouTube video downloading, remember these safety tips:

Stick to Trusted Sources

Only download videos from websites or apps you know and trust.

Choose a Reputable Downloader

Not all downloaders are made equal. Pick one from a trustworthy source, and check reviews before downloading.

Copyright Awareness

If you're unsure about a video's copyright status, better safe than sorry—don't download it!

Ready to Get Started? Here Are Some Awesome Websites to Help You Out!

YouTube doesn't allow direct downloading, but these are best sites to download youtube videos and programs can help you out in 2023:

  • YTD Video Downloader: Great for online downloads and even whole playlists!
  • 4K Video Downloader: Get videos in multiple formats, plus subtitles and audio!
  • Freemake Video Downloaderyt downloader freemake, desktop option that also works with Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram.

    I just stumbled upon something seriously cool that I couldn't wait to share with you. Have you ever wanted to grab your favorite YouTube videos and save them for that epic movie night or just for some serious offline entertainment? Well, hold onto your seats, because Freemake Video Downloader is here to make all your video downloading dreams come true!

    So, like, what's Freemake Video Downloader, you ask? It's this totally awesome, free software that lets you snatch videos from YouTube and other rad video sites. And let me tell you, it's as easy as pie! 

    You ready for this? Let's dive into how to work this magic:

    Step 1: Download and install Freemake Video Downloader on your computer. It's a piece of cake, I promise!

    Step 2: Go to the YouTube video you're crushing on and copy its URL. Easy peasy!

    Step 3: Open up Freemake Video Downloader and paste the URL into the "Paste URL" field. Just like you're spreading peanut butter on a sandwich.

    Step 4: Hit the "Add" button. Boom! You're in the game!

    Step 5: In the "Output Format" menu, pick the format you want your video in. MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI - you name it!

    Step 6: For extra awesomeness, choose the quality you want, from low to high definition. Because life's too short for blurry videos!

    Step 7: Feeling like a boss? Click that "Download" button and watch the magic happen!

    Time for a quick heads-up, though. The download time might vary depending on the video size and your internet speed. But trust me, it's worth the wait.

    Now, here comes the really rad part. Once the download's all wrapped up, your video will be safely stashed on your computer, ready to play, share, or rewatch as many times as your heart desires.

    But that's not all! Freemake Video Downloader has a bunch of extra goodies to amp up your video game:

    • Batch downloading: Grab a whole bunch of videos at once. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet for videos!

    • Video conversion: Fancy converting those downloaded videos into other formats? Go ahead! MP4, AVI, WMV, you name it!

    • Video editing: Wanna get creative? Trim, split, and crop your downloaded videos. Be the director of your own mini-movie!

    • Subtitles: Get those subtitles in case you're in a mood for some foreign flicks.

    Just a few tips to keep you going:

    • If you're snagging HD videos, make sure your internet is as speedy as your enthusiasm.
    • Larger videos might take a bit more time, but hey, patience is a virtue!
    • Oh, and you can pause and resume your downloads whenever you feel like it. Life is flexible like that!

    Here's the bottom line, my friend: Freemake Video Downloader is like a superhero for video enthusiasts. It's easy, it's powerful, and it's got all these cool tricks up its digital sleeve. If you want to catch those YouTube videos and keep them close, this is your go-to sidekick. So go ahead, download away, and let the video adventures begin!

  • SaveFromNet: Simple online downloader for various formats and playlists.
  • ClipGrab: Download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
  • By Click Downloader: Supports multiple sites and formats.
  • Any Video Converter: Not just for downloading, it also converts videos to different formats.
  • Video Grabber: Grab videos online and even entire playlists!
  • Apowersoft Video Downloader: Download from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram.
  • KeepVid: Online downloader and converter for various formats and sites.

Ready to Dive in? Here's How You Can Use a YouTube Video Downloader:

  1. Go to the YouTube video downloader's website.
  2. Paste the YouTube video's URL into the search bar.
  3. Choose the format and quality you want for your download.
  4. Hit that "Download" button and let the magic happen!

Which One Should You Choose?

All these downloaders are great, but it depends on your needs. For simplicity good websites to download youtube videos is try YTD Video Downloader or Video Grabber. If you want more features, go for 4K Video Downloader, Freemake Video Downloader, or Any Video Converter.

But, remember, respect the law and only download videos for personal use. Commercial use is a no-go!

Quick Recap: How to Download YouTube Videos

  1. Choose your YouTube video downloader.
  2. Go to the video you want.
  3. Copy its URL.
  4. Paste it into the downloader.
  5. Pick your video quality and format.
  6. Click "Download."

Bonus Tips!

  • Download from trusted websites.
  • Skip downloaders that require additional software.
  • Ensure compatibility with your device and OS.
  • Check quality and format options.
  • Only download videos you have the right to download.

Happy downloading, video aficionados!

www keepvid com download youtube

I'm about to spill the beans on how to download your favorite videos from YouTube using, and trust me, it's a total game-changer! 

First things first, keep your excitement in check and follow these simple steps:

  1. Hit Up KeepVid's Playground: Type "" into your browser's address bar and press Enter. Boom, you're in!

  2. Video Treasure Hunt: Now, you need to tell KeepVid what video you want to snatch. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you're dying to have and paste it into KeepVid's search bar. Don't hold back; it's where the magic begins!

  3. Unleash the Download Button: Look for that glorious "Download" button. You can't miss it – it's usually big and blue. Go ahead, give it a friendly click.

  4. Quality Quest: Time to make some choices. Pick your desired video format and quality. Want it as an MP4? Or maybe you're an audio aficionado, and MP3 is more your jam? Whatever your flavor, KeepVid's got it.

  5. Click It Again: After you've made your format and quality picks, hit that "Download" button one more time. You're just one click away from video glory!

Now, all you gotta do is sit back and let KeepVid do its thing. The download speed depends on the video size and your internet, so be patient, and before you know it, your video will be in your hands (well, on your device). 

Once it's all done, you can hit play and watch to your heart's content in your favorite media player.

But hold on, we're not done here! KeepVid has some extra tricks up its virtual sleeve:

  • Video Format Freedom: KeepVid supports different formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, and MOV. Take your pick!

  • Quality, My Friend: You get to choose the video quality, from low to high. But remember, better quality means a chunkier file size!

  • Splitting Matters: If you're trying to wrangle a mammoth video, you can cut it into smaller parts. Handy, right?

  • More Than Meets the Eye: KeepVid can do more than just download. You can convert videos to different formats or even snag subtitles if you're into that.

Now, if you run into some hiccups, here's your troubleshooting toolkit:

  • Video URL Check: Make sure you've entered the correct video URL in KeepVid's search bar.

  • Quality Switcheroo: If the video's playing hard to get, try a different format or quality setting.

  • Split and Conquer: If it's a long video, split it into pieces for a smoother download.

  • Tech Restart: Restart your computer or device to give everything a fresh start.

  • Clear the Digital Clutter: Wipe out your browser's cache and cookies. Sometimes, a bit of digital tidying can work wonders.

  • Browser Shuffle: If all else fails, try downloading in a different browser. Sometimes, a change of scenery can do the trick.

And if you're still tearing your hair out, don't worry! KeepVid's got your back with their customer support team. Just reach out, and they'll swoop in like a digital superhero.

So, there you have it, my YouTube-loving friend. With in your arsenal, you're unstoppable in your video downloading adventures!

Your free option (and my preferred way) to download YouTube videos: ClipGrab

1. Go to

2. Copy the YouTube video link

3. Launch ClipGrab

4. Copy and Paste

5. Click Grab this clip!

6. Choose the video format

7. Customize

Sites To Download Youtube Videos On Android

Sites To Download Youtube Videos On Android

Here are some popular sites and apps to download YouTube videos on Android:


  • is a versatile website that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other platforms. It offers a simple interface and supports a variety of video formats and resolutions.

  • KeepVid: KeepVid is another popular website for downloading YouTube videos. It provides a straightforward process for downloading videos in various formats, including MP4, MP3, and FLV.

  • Y2Mate: Y2Mate is a user-friendly website that makes it easy to download YouTube videos in various qualities and formats. It also offers a built-in search feature to help you find the videos you want.


  • TubeMate: TubeMate is a popular Android app that allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your device. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to download entire playlists and convert videos to MP3 format.

  • NewPipe: NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client that also allows you to download videos. It provides a privacy-focused alternative to the official YouTube app and offers features like background playback and in-app browsing.

  • SnapTube: SnapTube is another popular Android app for downloading YouTube videos. It supports a wide range of video formats and resolutions, as well as the ability to download audio from YouTube videos.

Please note that downloading copyrighted YouTube videos without permission may violate copyright laws. It is important to only download videos that you have the right to download.


What is the best website to download YouTube videos? is one of the best free online video downloaders. It describes itself as “the easiest way to download and convert YouTube to MP3 or MP4.” prides itself on its ease of use. All users need to do is copy a YouTube URL, paste it into, and click the “Convert” button to get their video.

How can I download YouTube videos for free online?

Here's how to download and use it.

  • Go to Point your browser to and click the Show All Download Options link.
  • Copy the YouTube video link.
  • Launch ClipGrab.
  • Copy and Paste.
  • Click Grab this clip!
  • Choose the video format.
  • Customize.
  • Log in to your YouTube Premium account.

What is the best downloader for YouTube videos?

7 Best FREE YouTube Video Downloader Apps (2023)

7 Best YouTube Downloaders for PC & Mac In 2023. Check out the best YouTube video downloaders for your computer in 2023.

  1. TubeMate.
  2. SnapDownloader.
  3. 4K Video Downloader.
  4. Y2mate.
  5. HitPaw Video Converter.
  6. Free YouTube Downloader Software.
  7. MacX YouTube Downloader Software.

What is the safest program to download YouTube videos?

Verdict: SnapDownloader is one of the perfect video downloaders to download videos at the best quality and at a high speed from around 900 websites.=> Visit Allavsoft Website.=> Visit VideoHunter Website.=> Visit Leawo Video Downloader Website.=> Visit 4K Video Downloader Website.=> Visit VideoProc Website.

Is it legal to download a YouTube video?

It's important to note that downloading YouTube videos without permission is a violation of YouTube's terms of service and could result in account termination or legal action. Additionally, downloading copyrighted content is illegal and can result in penalties.

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