Anker’s Latest Sleep Buds Offer Enhanced Snoring Blockage and Extended Battery Life

Anker’s Latest Sleep Buds Offer Enhanced Snoring Blockage and Extended Battery Life

Anker introduces its upgraded sleep-oriented true wireless earbuds with the latest Soundcore Sleep A20 model. The announcement coincides with "World Sleep Day," but the earbuds won’t be available for purchase until the Kickstarter campaign launches on April 16th. Alternatively, they will be accessible on Amazon starting May 20th. The retail price is set at $149.99, but early backers on Kickstarter can obtain them for $89.99.

Anker’s Latest Sleep Buds Offer Enhanced Snoring Blockage and Extended Battery Life

Similar to the previous A10 earbuds, active noise cancellation is absent in the A20 model. Instead, Anker incorporates "Twin-Seal eartips," purportedly capable of blocking three times more noise than typical silicon eartips. Additionally, the earbuds can play white noise from an included sound library to further minimize external disturbances. Anker assures that their compact design ensures comfort, even for side sleepers.

The most notable improvement in the A20 model lies in its battery life compared to its predecessor. It now offers up to 14 hours of white noise playback in "Sleep mode" and a total of 80 hours with the charging case, an enhancement from the previous 10 hours. For those preferring to fall asleep to music streamed from their phone, the earbuds offer 10 hours of playback, an improvement over the 6 hours provided by the A10s.

Other enhancements over the initial sleep earbuds include a built-in alarm designed to wake users without disturbing sleeping partners, and the addition of automatic sleep monitoring with sleep position tracking support. Furthermore, if the earbuds are misplaced, the companion app allows users to trigger an alert to locate them.

Overall, these upgrades represent a sensible evolution for Anker’s earbuds, especially given the discontinuation of Bose's competitor Sleepbuds II. Notably, three former Bose employees are venturing into their own venture with the Ozlo Sleepbuds, currently in production as per their Indiegogo page, with an anticipated ship date in April.


Q: What are the best earbuds for sleeping to block out snoring?

A: QuietOn earbuds are the top choice. They are the only active noise-canceling earbuds specifically designed for sleeping, effectively blocking out snoring without adding extra noise.

Q: How long is Soundcore Sleep A10 playtime?

A: Each charge of Soundcore Sleep A10 provides up to 6 hours of playtime in Music mode, 10 hours in Sleep mode, or 8 hours when both modes are combined. The charging case adds an additional 40 hours of playtime.

Q: Do noise-canceling earbuds work for snoring?

A: Yes, noise-canceling earbuds effectively reduce low-frequency sounds like snoring, significantly decreasing the noise disturbance.

Q: Do noise-canceling earbuds cancel snoring?

A: Yes, noise-canceling earbuds are effective at canceling out snoring. Their superior fit and noise-canceling capabilities make them worth the investment, providing peace even in noisy environments like flights or offices.