ASUS Launches ROG Strix 4K 160 Hz XG27UCS and 1440p 180 Hz XG27ACS Gaming Monitors with Smartphone Stand

Gamers, prepare to level up your gaming experience with the latest offerings from ASUS! Introducing the ROG Strix XG27UCS and XG27ACS gaming monitors—your new gateways to immersive and ultra-smooth gameplay.

These colossal 27-inch monitors are designed to eliminate distractions, boasting a sleek and functional design that allows you to keep your smartphone conveniently docked during intense battles. Equipped with USB Type-C connectivity, these monitors offer a versatile solution for charging your devices.

ASUS launches ROG Strix 4K 160 Hz XG27UCS and 1440p 180 Hz XG27ACS ...

A Perfect Match for Gamers

The ROG Strix XG27UCS shines with its stunning 4K resolution and lightning-fast 160 Hz refresh rate, ensuring crystal-clear visuals and seamless motion. On the other hand, the XG27ACS delivers unparalleled speed with its 1440p resolution and blistering 180 Hz refresh rate. Both monitors boast a blazing-fast 1 ms response time, minimizing input lag and providing a lag-free gaming experience.

ASUS has pulled out all the stops with these monitors, boasting NVIDIA G-SYNC support for buttery-smooth gameplay and ELMB Sync for eliminating motion blur. Their compliance with HDR technology and wide DCI-P3 color gamuts ensures vibrant and lifelike visuals. Take your gaming to new heights with the immersive experience these monitors provide.

Enhancing Your Gaming Prowess

ASUS has gone the extra mile to empower gamers with a suite of innovative features. Their AI algorithm analyzes gameplay in real-time, adjusting the crosshair for improved accuracy. Dynamic Shadow Boost technology illuminates dark areas without overexposing bright ones, giving you an advantage in low-light conditions.

Connectivity is a breeze with the DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and USB Type-C ports with DP Alt mode and Power Delivery. The XG27ACS is already available at a competitive price, while the XG27UCS will soon hit the shelves at a slightly higher price point.

FAQs for ROG Strix Monitors

Q: What are the key differences between the XG27UCS and XG27ACS?

A: The XG27UCS offers 4K resolution and 160 Hz refresh rate, while the XG27ACS delivers 1440p resolution and 180 Hz refresh rate.

Q: Do the monitors support HDR?

A: Yes, both monitors support HDR technology and meet DisplayHDR 400 certification standards.

Q: What connectivity options are available?

A: The monitors feature DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and USB Type-C ports with DP Alt mode and Power Delivery.

Tips for Choosing the Right Monitor

Choosing the perfect gaming monitor depends on your needs. Consider the resolution and refresh rate that suit your gameplay style. Also, look for features like HDR support and wide color gamuts for an immersive experience. Connectivity options and ergonomic features are other important factors to consider.


The ASUS ROG Strix XG27UCS and XG27ACS gaming monitors are a force to be reckoned with. Their stunning visuals, ultra-fast refresh rates, and gamer-centric features will elevate your gaming to the next level. Whether you prefer the crispness of 4K or the unparalleled speed of 180 Hz, these monitors have you covered. Upgrade your gaming setup today and experience gaming like never before!