Dragon's Dogma 2 Players Are Freaking Out Over a Mysterious Plague That Turns Pawns Murderous

As an Arisen, I’ve had my fair share of quests and battles. But nothing quite prepared me for the horrors of Dragonsplague. This in-game disease has been plaguing Pawns, turning them into murderous rampages that have left entire cities decimated.

Dragonsplague – An Overview

Dragon's Dogma 2 Players Are Freaking Out Over a Mysterious Plague ...

Dragonsplague is a unique in-game mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It affects Pawns, the loyal companions who follow the Arisen’s commands. In its early stages, Pawns exhibit incoherent speech, disobedience, and glowing red eyes. Left untreated, it triggers a chilling cutscene where the afflicted Pawn transforms into a shadowy dragon and obliterates the nearest city.

The Plague’s Spread

The exact cause of Dragonsplague is still under investigation. Players speculate that it originates from dragon battles and can be spread through contact between infected Pawns. Hiring a Pawn with the disease unknowingly can quickly spread it throughout your party.

Dealing with Dragonsplague – FAQs

* Q: How can I tell if a Pawn has Dragonsplague?
A: Look for glowing red eyes, incoherent speech, and disobedience.
* Q: Can I cure Dragonsplague?
A: Curing Dragonsplague involves dismissing hired Pawns who have it. For your own Pawn, the only known cure is to drown them in a body of water.
* Q: What happens if my Pawn becomes a Shadow Dragon?
A: The Shadow Dragon will destroy the nearest city, potentially killing essential NPCs.

Tips for Preventing and Curing Dragonsplague

* Avoid hiring Pawns with glowing red eyes or strange behavior.
* Dismiss infected hired Pawns immediately.
* If your own Pawn contracts Dragonsplague, drown them immediately.
* Use Wakestones to revive killed NPCs, or wait several in-game weeks for them to respawn.


Dragonsplague is a serious threat in Dragon’s Dogma 2. By understanding its symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options, you can prevent this plague from wreaking havoc on your adventure. Remember, vigilance is key. Stay alert, and don’t hesitate to dismiss or drown infected Pawns to protect your party and the innocent lives that may be threatened.