Dragon’s Dogma 2 gleefully rejects modern game design rules

Prepare yourself for a journey filled with surprises and challenges, as Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes you back to the roots of open-world fantasy role-playing without catering to modern conveniences and expectations.

From the moment you step into the realm of Vermund, you may question your actions as Dragon’s Dogma 2 defies norms with its unique design choices. If you’re expecting the ease of target-locking in combat, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s absent, leaving you to rely on your Pawns’ aim or a less refined form of lock-on during encounters.

Dragon's Dogma 2 gleefully rejects modern game design rules - Polygon

Challenging Conventions

Dragon’s Dogma 2 embraces its own distinctive path by breaking away from industry standards:

Absence of Fast Travel: Instead of instant teleportation, you must traverse the vast map on foot, by oxcart (risking monster attacks and bandits), or by ropeway (where harpies and griffins pose threats). The game director emphasizes that this design encourages spontaneous encounters and immersion.

Limited Difficulty Options: Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers only one difficulty level. If you seek an easier experience, consider hiring powerful Pawns or playing as a Trickster to avoid direct combat. Don’t expect a “story mode” level of difficulty.

Purposeful Towers: Watchtowers scattered across the map provide scenic views and sometimes ballistae. However, unlike similar towers in other games, these serve primarily as treasure locations and not map-revealing landmarks or strategic vantage points.

A Deliberate Approach to Immersion

These seemingly restrictive elements are not mere oversights but intentional decisions to enhance the game’s atmosphere and realism:

Absence of Graphics Options: The developers have forgone elaborate graphics options on consoles to maintain a consistent and immersive visual experience.

Pawns with Unique Abilities: Your Pawns possess distinct skills and traits, adding depth to combat and strategy. They can effectively target enemies, providing support and compensating for the lack of a traditional lock-on system.

Heightened Awareness: The absence of fast travel encourages exploration and attention to surroundings, fostering a sense of adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing common player queries:

Q: Why can’t I lock onto enemies during combat?
A: Dragon’s Dogma 2 intentionally lacks a target-locking system.

Q: Is there a way to travel faster in the game?
A: Ferrystones allow for limited teleportation to designated Port Crystals. Oxcarts and ropeways provide alternative transportation options with their own risks.

Q: Do watchtowers provide any significant gameplay benefits?
A: Watchtowers mainly offer scenic views and occasional treasure chests, without major map-related advantages.

Tips for Embracing the Journey

To fully appreciate Dragon’s Dogma 2’s unique approach, consider these tips:

• Embrace the immersion: Allow the game’s deliberate pacing and lack of modern conveniences to enhance your experience.

• Experiment with Pawn combinations: Utilize your Pawns’ diverse abilities to overcome challenges in combat and exploration.

• Explore and observe: Take advantage of the game’s vast map to discover hidden treasures and secrets.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a refreshing departure from modern game design, emphasizing realism, strategic combat, and a deep sense of adventure. By leaving your expectations behind and embracing its unique design choices, you will discover a captivating world filled with thrilling challenges and an unforgettable experience.