Dragonsplague: The Deadly Pawn Illness That Can Nuke Your Save

Greetings, fellow Arisen. As a veteran of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s treacherous lands, I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of an insidious disease known as Dragonsplague. This affliction, exclusive to Pawns, poses a unique threat that can spiral into a calamitous nightmare if left unchecked.

Understanding Dragonsplague

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dragonsplague explained: PSA, this Pawn illness ...

Dragonsplague is a mysterious illness that can only be contracted by Pawns during encounters with drakes or dragons. Unlike most ailments, it cannot be cured with consumables and does not appear in the Pawn’s Status menu. This makes its detection challenging.

Recognizing Symptoms

Early signs of Dragonsplague are subtle but crucial to spot. Pawns may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Glowing red eyes that pulse every few seconds
  • Head clutching while idle
  • Unusual disobedience, defying your commands

Dealing with Dragonsplague

Time is of the essence when dealing with Dragonsplague. There are only three known methods:

If a Hired Pawn has Dragonsplague:

* Dismiss them
* Throw them into deep water or off cliffs
* Allow them to die in combat

If Your Main Pawn has Dragonsplague:

* Use the same methods as above
* Alternatively, they may be cured if hired by another player and spread the disease to one of their Pawns (but this is unreliable)

Avoiding Calamity

To prevent Dragonsplague from triggering a disastrous calamity, it’s imperative to:

  • Be vigilant in observing your Pawns for symptoms
  • Avoid prolonged resting at inns after dragon encounters
  • Use the “Wait!” command to enable a closer examination of Pawn’s eyes


Dragonsplague is a formidable threat that has the potential to devastate your Dragon’s Dogma 2 playthrough. By recognizing its symptoms and taking swift action, you can safeguard your Pawns and yourself from its catastrophic consequences. May your journeys through Gransys remain free from this deadly plague.