End of the Odyssey for Private Moon Lander

In a bittersweet turn of events, Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus, the first-ever private spacecraft to land on the Moon, has gone silent. The intrepid probe touched down on February 22nd, a historic feat marred by a slight tilt that left it resting on its side. Despite this setback, Odysseus’ solar panels remained aligned, allowing it to recharge its batteries.

Section 1: Mission and Setback

Fin de l'aventure pour Odysseus, la sonde lunaire privée

Intuitive Machines initially planned to reduce the mission duration, and after a week on the Moon, Odysseus entered hibernation. The plan was to re-establish contact at the end of the lunar night. However, the Texan start-up announced the permanent loss of contact, with the somber words: “Odie has faded to black.”

Section 2: Solar-Powered Demise

Experts believe that Odysseus’ batteries succumbed to the extreme cold of the lunar night. The probe was designed to operate on solar power, and with no sunlight during the night, its batteries gradually drained. The lunar night can last up to 14 Earth days, and it appears that Odysseus’ batteries were not sufficient to withstand the frigid conditions.

Section 3: FAQs

Q: What was the significance of Odysseus’ mission?

A: Odysseus was the first private spacecraft to successfully land on the Moon, marking a milestone in commercial space exploration.

Q: Why did Odysseus land on its side?

A: The exact reason is unknown, but a possible explanation is an issue with the landing system.

Q: What was the purpose of the mission?

A: Odysseus carried several scientific instruments, including a camera to capture high-resolution images of the Moon’s surface.

Section 4: Expert Insight

Despite the unfortunate end of the mission, experts believe that Odysseus’ journey provided valuable lessons for future commercial space ventures. The data collected by the probe will contribute to our understanding of the Moon’s surface and pave the way for more ambitious missions in the future.


The loss of Odysseus is a reminder of the challenges and complexities of space exploration. However, it also underscores the determination and innovation of private companies like Intuitive Machines. The quest to explore the cosmos beyond Earth continues, and Odysseus’ legacy will serve as an inspiration for future lunar and interplanetary missions.