Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Unveils Three Variants and Doubled Storage

As we eagerly anticipate the second half of the year, Samsung has been teasing us with exciting rumors of their upcoming smartwatch lineup.

Earlier this month, we had the exclusive scoop that the Galaxy Unpacked event would take place in July 2024, marking an early arrival for Samsung’s annual showcase. Now, we’re diving deeper into the juicy details of the Galaxy Watch 7.

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 has three variants, double ...

Specifications and Variants

The Galaxy Watch 7 will proudly boast three distinct variants, offering a wider range of options for watch enthusiasts. While the exact names of each variant remain a mystery for now, one thing is clear: Samsung is doubling the storage capacity.

From 16GB on the Galaxy Watch 6, the Galaxy Watch 7 now boasts a generous 32GB. This storage upgrade will provide ample space for offline music, apps, and watch faces, ensuring you’re always ready for your workouts or managing your day-to-day.

New Model Numbers

Samsung is also shaking things up with the model number scheme. The Galaxy Watch 7 will feature six model numbers across its three variants:

  • SM-L300 and SM-L305
  • SM-L310 and SM-L315
  • SM-L700 and SM-L705

Following the trend, model numbers ending with “5” are likely to support cellular connectivity via eSIM.

Performance and Software

Rumors abound that the Galaxy Watch 7 will make history as Samsung’s first product to don a 3nm chip. This technological leap promises a substantial 50% increase in power efficiency, extending your smartwatch’s endurance between charges.

Additionally, the latest version of Wear OS and One UI Watch are expected to debut on the Galaxy Watch 7, introducing an array of innovative features.


Q: When will the Galaxy Watch 7 be released?

A: Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled for July 2024, where we expect to see the official launch of the Galaxy Watch 7.

Q: What are the differences between the three variants of the Galaxy Watch 7?

A: The specific distinctions between the variants are yet to be revealed by Samsung.

Q: What new features can we expect on the Galaxy Watch 7?

A: The latest Wear OS and One UI Watch software is anticipated to bring enhanced features and functionalities.

Q: Will the Galaxy Watch 7 have a longer battery life?

A: The purported 3nm chip is expected to significantly improve battery efficiency, extending the time between charges.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is poised to make waves with its expanded variants, doubled storage, and cutting-edge 3nm chip. As we eagerly await the official unveiling in July, stay tuned for more updates and in-depth insights into this exciting new wearable.