Fitbit: A Major Shift from June 2024: Third-Party Apps and Watch Faces No Longer Available

My Fitbit has been an indispensable companion since 2017. It tracks my every step, monitors my sleep patterns, and even entertains me with Spotify. But all good things must come to an end, and for Fitbit users, that end is just around the corner. Starting in June 2024, Fitbit devices will no longer support third-party apps and watch faces.

Section 1: Understanding the Fitbit App and Watch Face Landscape

Fitbit, da giugno 2024 cambia tutto: app e quadranti di terze ...

Fitbit’s third-party app store has been a vibrant hub for fitness enthusiasts and developers alike. From calorie-tracking apps to meditation guides, there was an app for every need. Similarly, the watch face library has offered countless options to customize your Fitbit’s display. However, these integrations will soon become a thing of the past.

Section 2: Current Trends and Developments

Fitbit’s decision to discontinue third-party app and watch face support is a reflection of the company’s changing focus. Fitbit is shifting its attention towards its own ecosystem of apps and services, like Fitbit Premium. This move is likely driven by a desire to streamline the user experience and improve the overall performance of Fitbit devices.

Section 3: FAQs for Fitbit Users

Q: Why is Fitbit removing third-party apps and watch faces?

* A: Fitbit is shifting towards its own ecosystem of apps and services to improve the user experience and performance.

Q: When will third-party app and watch face support end?

* A: June 2024

Q: Will existing third-party apps and watch faces still work?

* A: Yes, until June 2024.

Q: What are some alternatives to third-party apps and watch faces?

* A: Fitbit Premium offers a range of built-in apps and watch faces.

Section 4: Tips and Expert Advice

* Explore Fitbit Premium: Consider subscribing to Fitbit Premium for access to exclusive apps and watch faces, as well as personalized health insights.
* Download Your Favorites: If there are any third-party apps or watch faces you rely on, download them and save them to your device before June 2024.
* Check for Compatibility: If you’re purchasing a new Fitbit device, ensure it supports the apps and watch faces you’re interested in.


Fitbit’s upcoming shift is a significant one for users who have come to rely on third-party apps and watch faces. While it may be disappointing for some, it’s important to remember that Fitbit is constantly innovating to improve its offerings. By embracing Fitbit’s own ecosystem, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of a connected fitness experience, tailored to their specific needs.