GitHub Unveils AI-Powered Autofix Tool for Code Scanners

Overwhelmed by a deluge of code scanning alerts? GitHub’s got your back! They’ve unveiled a revolutionary Autofix code scanning tool, powered by AI, that can automatically suggest fixes and explanations. It’s like having a seasoned security expert on your team, always at the ready to help you squash those vulnerabilities.

Section 1: Autofix Code Scanning Explained

GitHub lance un outil de correction automatique de code basé sur l'IA

Autofix is a game-changer in the world of code scanning. It uses natural language processing models to analyze your code, identify potential issues, and generate code suggestions to resolve them. Imagine having a magic wand that can fix your code with just a flick of the wrist!

This wizardry is powered by GitHub Copilot, which provides contextual suggestions for code completion. But Autofix takes it a step further by specifically focusing on code scanning alerts. It analyzes data from your codebase, the pull request, and CodeQL analysis to generate targeted recommendations.

Section 2: Embracing the Autofix Revolution

Autofix isn’t just a pipe dream; it’s already a reality for developers worldwide. GitHub Advanced Security users rejoice, because you’re the first to get a sneak peek! This tool is a lifesaver in this era of rampant vulnerabilities.

Why? Because new vulnerabilities are popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. In 2024, over 600 new ones were discovered in a single week! Autofix is like a shield, protecting your code from this security onslaught.

Section 3: FAQs: Code Scanning with Autofix

Q: How accurate is Autofix?

A: Autofix suggestions can resolve over two-thirds of vulnerabilities with minimal editing, reducing your workload dramatically.

Q: What languages does Autofix support?

A: Currently, Autofix supports JavaScript, Typescript, Java, and Python. More languages, like C# and Go, are on their way.

Q: How can I get access to Autofix?

A: GitHub Advanced Security users get first dibs on Autofix as part of their beta program.

Section 4: Tips for Using Autofix Effectively

1. Collaborate with Autofix: Embrace Autofix as a code-scanning companion, not a replacement for your own code reviews.
2. Review the Explanations: Don’t just blindly accept the code suggestions; take a moment to understand the suggested changes and why they’re being made.
3. Test and Verify: Always test the suggested fixes thoroughly before merging them into your codebase.


Autofix is a game-changing tool that empowers developers to address code scanning alerts with unparalleled efficiency. It’s the perfect solution in today’s vulnerability-riddled landscape. Join the Autofix revolution and give your code the security boost it deserves!