How to Generate 3D Photos of Holi Using Bing AI Image Creator


Holi, the vibrant festival of colors, is a time for celebration and merriments. As we bid adieu to traditional forms of greetings, social media offers us a myriad of ways to connect with our loved ones. This year, elevate your Holi wishes with stunning 3D images, effortlessly created using Microsoft’s Bing AI Image Creator.

How to generate 3D photos of Holi using Bing AI image creator ...

Bing AI Image Creator for Holi

Powered by DALL.E 3, a cutting-edge text-to-image model, Bing AI Image Creator enables users to generate captivating images with mere text prompts. Unlike ChatGPT, which requires a subscription, Bing AI Image Creator offers this service free of charge.

Generating Holi-Themed 3D Images

To generate 3D Holi images, simply enter prompts like:

* “A vibrant 3D scene of a Holi celebration with people throwing colored powder in the air, creating a colorful explosion.”
* “A joyful 3D image of a group of friends celebrating Holi, with water guns spraying colored water and laughter filling the air.”
* “A close-up 3D image of hands throwing colored powder during Holi, with vibrant colors blending together.”

Customize prompts to specify time, backdrop, or specific colors. Use commands like “make them more colorful” or “make them realistic” to refine the output.


Q: How do I access Bing AI Image Creator?
A: It’s available on smartphones, desktops, and PCs with the latest Windows 11 build. Visit

Q: Can I download generated images?
A: Yes, downloaded images can be shared on social media or converted into stickers.

Expert Tips

* Use descriptive prompts to convey your desired image.
* Experiment with different angles and lighting for unique perspectives.
* Share your creations with friends and family to spread the Holi cheer.


With Bing AI Image Creator, let your Holi wishes come alive with vibrant 3D images. Embrace the spirit of the festival with these captivating creations that will surely add a splash of color to your social media greetings. Explore the possibilities and share your unique Holi visions with the world.