Mace The Latest Weapon Addition in Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a

Mace The Latest Weapon Addition in Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a

Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a introduces an exciting addition to your arsenal – the Mace! This week's snapshot Thursday brings forth this smashing new weapon. With the Mace's special smash attack, you can leap from great heights and witness your foes being knocked back. The impact force increases with the distance fallen, but precise timing is crucial. You'll only negate fall damage if you land the blow accurately. To craft this formidable weapon, combine a Breeze Rod with the Heavy Core, a novel item obtainable by unlocking Trial Chamber Vaults.

Mace The Latest Weapon Addition in Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a

We eagerly await your feedback on this new feature at our feedback site: Let's talk about the Mace!

In addition to this powerful weapon, we've introduced new chambers and variations to Trial Chambers, updated loot tables for Vaults, and added new items like Pottery Sherds, Armor Trims, and Banner Patterns. Of course, this update also includes the usual assortment of bug fixes and refinements.

Happy mace-ing!

Experimental Features

  • Introduced the Mace
  • Added Breeze Rod
  • Included the Heavy Core
  • Introduced 2 new Armor Trims
  • Added 3 new Pottery Sherds
  • Introduced 2 new Banner Patterns
  • Updated Vault loot table
  • Updated Trial Chambers


Heavy Core

  • A mysterious, dense block that, when combined with a Breeze Rod, crafts the new Mace weapon!


Breeze Rod

  • An item dropped by the Breeze, used to craft 4 Wind Charges or the Mace with the Heavy Core


  • A heavyweight weapon for crushing your adversaries!
  • Utilize its weight to deal more damage the longer you fall before striking your target.
  • Try it out by leaping toward your target and hitting them before landing.
  • A successful strike negates fall damage, akin to a Wind Charge.
  • Adjacent entities are forcefully pushed back by the Mace's impact.
  • Like other weapons, using the Mace reduces its durability; repair it using Breeze Rods at an anvil.
  • Combine a Mace with Wind Charges to launch into devastating smash attacks.



  • Drops 1-2 Breeze Rods when slain by a player.
  • The number of dropped Breeze Rods is influenced by looting enchantments.

Pottery Sherds

  • Added Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds.

Banner Patterns

  • Introduced Flow and Guster Banner Patterns.

Armor Trims

  • Added Bolt and Flow Armor Trims and Smithing Templates.
  • Bolt can be replicated using a Copper Block or Waxed Copper.
  • Flow can be replicated using a Breeze Rod.

Trial Chambers

  • Added new chambers and variations with fresh challenges.
  • Revamped chamber_9, now known as "slanted".
  • Revamped chamber_3, now named "pedestal".
  • Included Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds in Decorated Pots within the decor structure pool.
  • Trial Spawners now appear more frequently in the corridors.
  • Adjusted the layout of blocks surrounding the Vaults.
  • Updated Vault loot tables to address inventory management issues.
  • Now, each Vault yields no more than 1 unstackable item and more stackable rewards.
  • Horse Armor and Saddles have been removed from Vault loot.
  • Vaults in Trial Chambers can now eject various items.


  • Adjusted flying behavior for Bees and Parrots to prevent overshooting.
  • Distinct status effect particle colors are now rendered separately to reduce screen clutter.
  • Updated wolf armor crack textures.
  • Enhanced menu background blur for better visuals and performance.

Wolf variants

When summoned differently (e.g., using Spawn Egg or summon command), variant selection adheres to natural spawning biome rules with additional specifications:

  • Rusty Wolf: Found in all Jungle biomes, including Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Biomes.
  • Spotted Wolf: Found in all Savanna biomes, including Savanna and Windswept Savanna Biomes.
  • Striped Wolf: Found in all Badlands biomes, including Badlands and Eroded Badlands Biomes.

Technical Changes

  • Data Pack version updated to 35.
  • Resource Pack version updated to 29.

Data Pack Version 35

  • Removed any entity sub-predicate.
  • Moved component-specific item predicate properties to separate field predicates.
  • Introduced slot name contents for single-slot entities like item frames and item displays.
  • Contents of item entity can now be accessed through contents slot name.
  • Added new loot functions.


Item sub-predicate

  • Moved some fields from the item predicate to a map in an optional field predicates.
  • The new field structure simplifies future predicate additions.
  • Moved fields include enchantments, stored_enchantments, potions, and custom_data.


"item": {
  "enchantments": [
      "enchantment": "minecraft:silk_touch",
      "levels": {
        "min": 1


"item": {
  "predicates": {
    "minecraft:enchantments": [

          "enchantment": "minecraft:silk_touch",
          "levels": {
            "min": 1

Loot Functions


New function for configuring the details of the minecraft:fireworks component.


  • conditions: list of conditions (default: []).
  • flight_duration: Optional integer, 0-255.
  • explosions: List of firework_explosion data.
  • mode: Enumerated value deciding function for explosions.

(Other functions and details omitted for brevity)

Resource Pack Version 29

  • Added various textures to enhance menu aesthetics.
  • Renamed the blur post-processing shader to box_blur.
  • Introduced an optional boolean field use_linear_filter for post-processing passes.
  • Added entity_outline_box_blur post-processing shader.


  • MC-153329 - Leashing an iron golem breaks its pathfinding until reloading the world
  • MC-165948 - Bees can be lured into dangerous blocks
  • MC-168407 - Bees can get stuck in a lantern
  • MC-170000 - Hand lighting / lighting of held items changes drastically in first-person mode when looking around
  • MC-172047 - Wolves try to attack armor stands
  • MC-173303 - Leashed pets teleport to the player when reloaded
  • MC-186626 - /weather not working in custom dimensions
  • MC-208528 - Feeding tamed baby wolves and cats causes them to sit down/stand up
  • MC-221754 - Leashed wolves no longer attack when unleashed
  • MC-229919 - Bees don't recognize beehives or bee nests with a campfire directly below and a block on top
  • MC-232560 - Tamed wolf movement speed decreases when unleashed from a fence
  • MC-260921 - Data is focused last on the statistics screen when using keyboard navigation
  • MC-267923 - The "Done" button doesn't always deselect when you close out of a Sign UI, making typing spaces difficult
  • MC-267930 - No element is focused when opening the statistics screen using keyboard navigation
  • MC-268110 - Deleting world results in a file directory error
  • MC-268282 - Picking up lava, powder snow or water using a bucket can be desynced
  • MC-268405 - Wind charges can move in unusual ways
  • MC-268408 - Game crashes when a wind charge hits an entity after disabling update_1_21 data pack
  • MC-268582 - Facing direction no longer affects shading of the first person arm
  • MC-268796 - "Saving world" text is blurred when pausing
  • MC-268805 - panorama_overlay.png no longer works
  • MC-268811 - Clicking 'Done' for language settings is ineffective; changes apply after double-clicking the language option
  • MC-268812 - Dirt background is used in the pause menu and some other menus in Programmer Art; black background used in High Contrast resource pack
  • MC-268816 - Credits background texture no longer scrolls in Programmer Art and other such resource packs
  • MC-268819 - Programmer Art, High Contrast, other resource packs: top of "Create New World" screen is transparent/not black
  • MC-268855 - Typing /function then space closes the internal server
  • MC-268862 - Areas with no sky light are incredibly dark when using the "High Contrast" resource pack
  • MC-268902 - Low FPS when blurred menu background is visible
  • MC-268908 - Trying to navigate to the Font Settings menu using the Tab key exits the language menu
  • MC-268953 - Layout of gamerules screen breaks when toggling fullscreen mode or changing resolution
  • MC-268956 - Command blocks, structure blocks and jigsaw blocks use menu_background.png
  • MC-268967 - Night vision does not work properly in high constrast mode
  • MC-269032 - Blur shader runs when menu blurriness is 0%
  • MC-269077 - Sign editing screen uses menu_background.png
  • MC-269081 - Some Realms icons are rendered behind the button in the main menu, instead of not being rendered at all
  • MC-269122 - Editing signs causes background blur
  • MC-269136 - Incorrect weapon.* command suggestions
  • MC-269279 - The "Normal user" button within the realms player menu is improperly capitalized

Get the Snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Remember, testing versions may corrupt your world, so it's wise to back up or run them in a separate folder from your main worlds.

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  • You can also leave any other feedback on the Feedback site.
  • For live discussions, join us over at the official Minecraft Discord.


Is Minecraft adding a mace?

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What does Minecraft 1.5 add?

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