Metal Gear Legacy Unveiled: A Tale of Triumph, Departure, and Future Uncertainty

Metal Gear Legacy Unveiled: A Tale of Triumph, Departure, and Future Uncertainty. As a seasoned gamer and avid Metal Gear enthusiast, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact this legendary series has had on the gaming world. With the release of Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection, Konami has unveiled a series of companion videos titled the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Series, offering a condensed chronicle of the franchise’s vast lore.

Konami releases David Hayter-fronted video series about Metal ...

The opening video, hosted by David Hayter, the iconic voice actor behind Solid Snake and Big Boss, presents a fascinating narrative. However, one glaring omission stands out: the absence of Hideo Kojima, the visionary creator and driving force behind the Metal Gear series.

Kojima’s Pioneering Legacy

Kojima’s involvement with Metal Gear began in 1987 when he took over an existing Konami project for the MSX2 computer. Recognizing the limitations of the hardware, he pioneered the concept of stealth and avoidance, giving rise to the series’ signature gameplay.

Over the years, Kojima meticulously crafted each subsequent mainline Metal Gear title, serving as co-writer, designer, and director. His unwavering creative vision shaped the series’ intricate storylines, memorable characters, and groundbreaking gameplay mechanics.

The Elephant in the Room: Kojima’s Departure

In 2015, Kojima’s acrimonious departure from Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain left an undeniable void in the series. The circumstances surrounding his exit remain shrouded in mystery, with both parties offering conflicting accounts.

Whatever the truth may be, Konami’s subsequent treatment of Kojima has been nothing short of bizarre. They have effectively erased his existence from the Metal Gear franchise, even going so far as to exclude any mention of him in the Legacy Series videos.

The Legacy Continues, or Does It?

Despite Kojima’s absence, the Metal Gear Legacy Series video offers a decent overview of the series’ history. It highlights the groundbreaking nature of Metal Gear Solid (1997), which elevated the franchise to new heights and cemented its status as a gaming icon.

However, the video fails to address the challenges Metal Gear has faced in the wake of Kojima’s departure. Konami has struggled to maintain the series’ momentum, relying heavily on re-releases and remakes rather than innovating with fresh installments.

A Future Shrouded in Uncertainty

As Konami’s most successful series, Metal Gear remains a valuable asset. However, the publisher’s inability to move on from Kojima’s shadow has cast a long shadow over the franchise’s future.

With no concrete plans for new mainline entries on the horizon, the fate of Metal Gear hangs in the balance. Unless Konami finds a way to reconcile with its past and embrace a new era of creativity, the series risks fading into obscurity.


The Metal Gear Legacy Series provides a nostalgic glimpse into the past, but it also underscores the current challenges facing the franchise. As fans, we can only hope that Konami recognizes the importance of its legacy and finds a way to honor the visionary who shaped it. Until then, the future of Metal Gear remains uncertain, leaving us with a bittersweet sense of longing and anticipation.