Modders Step Up to Rescue Disastrous Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Launch

Modders Step Up to Rescue Disastrous Star Wars: Battlefront ClassicCollection Launch. Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, a nostalgic reboot of the beloved multiplayer shooter series, has stumbled upon a rocky launch, prompting modders to take matters into their own hands to save the day.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection 'A Terrible Gut Punch ...

Launch Day Debacle: A Litany of Errors

The Classic Collection launch was marred by a plethora of technical hiccups, including matchmaking errors, game crashes, and disappearing servers. These problems sparked an uproar among players, particularly on Steam, who expressed their frustration and disappointment.

But it was the alleged inclusion of uncredited modder content that added insult to injury. Veteran modder iamashaymin discovered that a version of Asajj Ventress from their own mod for the original Battlefront 2 had made its way into the Collection trailer. Aspyr, the game’s developer, initially denied the claim but later patched the game to replace the Ventress model.

Disillusionment and Community Response

Iamashaymin expressed their dismay, stating that the release was “a total mess” and that the need for immediate patches after launching two decades-old games was telling. The modding community, however, was quick to rally behind the effort to fix the game.

Modders to the Rescue: Addressing a Vast Array of Issues

Modders have identified a long list of issues that they aim to address, including problems with the HUD, user interface, lighting, missing geometry, and incorrect textures. They lament that the Collection has undone fixes and improvements they had implemented in the past.

Aspyr’s Response and Modder Involvement

Aspyr has acknowledged the botched launch, attributing it to “critical errors” with its network infrastructure. The company is reportedly working to resolve these problems and improve network stability. Meanwhile, modders will continue their efforts to fix the game’s many other issues.

Conclusion: Hope Amidst Chaos

While the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has been far from ideal, the modding community has stepped up to the challenge. Their dedication and expertise offer a glimmer of hope for players eager to experience the classic Battlefront games in a polished and enjoyable state. Aspyr’s commitment to addressing the technical problems is also promising. It remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enough to salvage the Collection, but one thing is for sure: the modding community is ready to do its part.