OPPO Reno11 F 5G Debuts In Malaysia at RM1,399

OPPO Reno11 F 5G Debuts In Malaysia at RM1,399

Introduced in September last year, Razer introduces its newest addition to the analog optical keyboard lineup, the Huntsman V3 series. This review focuses on the Pro model, which was launched alongside its tenkeyless and 60% variants.

Having used the Huntsman V3 Pro as my primary keyboard at home for several months, I've had sufficient time to assess its features. Let's delve into the review to determine if Razer's latest analog optical gaming keyboard is worth considering.


OPPO Reno11 F 5G Debuts In Malaysia at RM1,399

The Razer Huntsman V3 Pro is a high-end keyboard featuring a brushed aluminum top plate and textured doubleshot PBT keycaps for a premium feel. It stands out with a full-sized layout, three programmable control buttons, and a multi-function digital dial.

Equipped with Razer's second-generation Analog Optical Red Switches under each key, it offers lighter actuation force for swift keystrokes. These switches can be further customized via the Synapse app to match individual preferences.

Key Features

OPPO Reno11 F 5G Debuts In Malaysia at RM1,399

- **Analog Optical Red Switches**: These switches offer a near-instantaneous response time, suitable for competitive gaming.
- **Wireless Connectivity**: The keyboard supports both 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, providing flexibility for various setups.
- **Battery Life**: With a reported battery life of up to 150 hours with RGB lighting disabled, the Huntsman V3 Pro offers extended wireless gaming sessions.
- **RGB Lighting**: Featuring customizable per-key RGB lighting, users can personalize the keyboard's aesthetics via Razer Synapse.
- **Doubleshot PBT Keycaps**: The textured keycaps provide durability and resistance to wear, ensuring longevity.
- **Multifunction Digital Dial**: Positioned at the top-right corner, the dial allows for convenient volume adjustments and more.


The Huntsman V3 Pro delivers exceptional performance, with its Analog Optical Red Switches offering a smooth typing experience and precise actuation. The analog input capability provides greater control in supported games, allowing for variable keypresses based on pressure.

Wireless connectivity is reliable, with minimal input lag in both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes. The battery life meets expectations, lasting several days on a single charge with RGB lighting enabled.


The Razer Huntsman V3 Pro impresses with its premium build quality, customizable features, and responsive switches. While its high price might deter some buyers, it's a worthwhile investment for gamers seeking top-tier performance and wireless convenience.

Overall, the Huntsman V3 Pro stands as a flagship gaming keyboard that delivers on its promises, making it a compelling option for enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for quality and performance.