Solar Radiation Disruption: What You Need to Know

Solar Radiation Disruption: What You Need to KnowImagine a sunny afternoon when your satellite TV suddenly goes black. It could be the result of a solar outage, a phenomenon that can cause temporary service disruptions to satellite-based internet, TV, and other services. Don't panic; it's not a satellite malfunction but a natural occurrence that happens twice a year, including right now in March and again in September-October.

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What is a Solar Outage?

A solar outage occurs when the sun lines up with both a satellite and a receiving base station, causing interference with the signals transmitted by the satellite. This interference can damage or disrupt the signals, resulting in temporary service interruptions. The effects can vary from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the alignment of the sun and the satellite.

Which Services Are Affected?

Solar outages can affect any service that relies on satellite communications, including:

- Satellite broadband internet (e.g., Measat Connectme Now)
- Satellite TV (e.g., Astro)
- Satellite phones
- Satellite radio

Prepare for a Solar Outage

While solar outages are usually short-lived, it's best to be prepared. If you rely on satellite-based services, consider the following tips:

- Have a backup internet connection available, such as a mobile hotspot or terrestrial broadband.
- Keep your satellite equipment up to date and well-maintained.
- Reset your satellite equipment if you experience a service disruption.


- Q: How long do solar outages usually last?
A: Solar outages typically last only a few minutes, but they can sometimes persist for up to several hours.
- Q: Are solar outages harmful to satellites?
A: Solar radiation can damage satellites if the outage is prolonged or severe. However, most satellites are designed with protective measures to minimize the risk of permanent damage.
- Q: Can I prevent solar outages?
A: No, solar outages are a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented.

Expert Advice

- Always check with your satellite provider for official updates and service information during a solar outage.
- If you experience a prolonged service disruption, contact your provider to ensure there are no other underlying issues.
- Stay informed about the timing of solar outages by visiting the websites of satellite operators like Measat Global.


Solar outages are a temporary but inconvenient reality of satellite-based services. By understanding what causes them and how to prepare, you can minimize the impact on your connectivity and stay connected during these brief periods of disruption.