Starfield's Steam Ratings Plummet to 'Mostly Negative' After Latest Update

Starfield's Steam Ratings Plummet to 'Mostly Negative' After Latest Update

Starfield continues to face a barrage of criticism. Disgruntled players have flooded Steam with negative reviews, dragging down the game's overall rating to 'Mostly Negative.' This downturn comes immediately after a recent game update, leaving many to doubt if the game can redeem itself.

Despite efforts in the update to address some issues, such as introducing features like a photo mode and minor tweaks like not losing a Digipick when resetting a lock pick attempt, players remain unsatisfied.

Starfield's Steam Ratings Plummet to 'Mostly Negative' After Latest Update

Starfield Fails to Win Over Players

A recent review on Steam encapsulates the prevailing sentiment: "One of the most uninspired experiences I've had from Bethesda. I doubt even modders can salvage this one." Many reviews echo similar criticisms, describing the game as lifeless, tedious, lacking innovation, and burdened with outdated mechanics.

While some fans exist, the game has faced sustained criticism since its launch. Even players who invested considerable time, with over a hundred hours logged, are now offering candid, albeit harsh, evaluations. Comments range from complaints about excessive loading screens to labeling it as the "worst Bethesda game ever made."

The fallout from Starfield may impact Bethesda's future releases, notably the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls VI. Numerous negative reviews express a loss of trust in the studio, with some users lamenting Bethesda's failure to adapt and innovate. One commenter voices, "As a major game studio, Bethesda should be evolving, yet it feels like they've regressed and clung to their comfort zone. Consequently, the industry has moved on, leaving them behind." Rectifying this situation will require significant effort.


Question: Is Starfield mostly negative on Steam?

Answer: Yes, Starfield is currently facing predominantly negative reviews on Steam. As of the latest information, the game's recent Steam reviews are categorized as 'Mostly Negative,' with only 29% of reviews being positive in the last 30 days. Despite this, its overall rating remains 'Mixed,' with 64% positive reviews.

Question: Why does Starfield have negative reviews?

Answer: Starfield's negative reviews stem from criticisms of its perceived lack of excitement and engagement. Despite previously holding a 'mixed' rating, the game's latest reviews have shifted towards 'mostly negative.' Unlike past Bethesda titles, technical issues aren't the primary concern; instead, players are expressing disappointment in the game's perceived dullness.

Question: Why is Starfield getting good reviews?

Answer: Starfield receives positive reviews due to its strengths in offering a solid RPG experience. Although it may not innovate significantly, the game excels in areas such as world-building, quest design, and customization, demonstrating Bethesda's mastery in these aspects.

Question: Can I upgrade Starfield on Steam?

Answer: Currently, Starfield's Premium Upgrade is not playable on Steam Deck. Players seeking upgrades or additional content should check the availability and compatibility of such upgrades through other platforms or sources.

Question: Is Starfield a FPS or TPS?

Answer: Starfield offers players the flexibility to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives seamlessly. Much like Bethesda's previous titles, players have the freedom to choose their preferred perspective, whether it be first-person or third-person.

Question: Has Starfield sold well?

Answer: Yes, Starfield has experienced strong sales performance. In September 2023, it emerged as the best-selling game in the United States, despite being available on Game Pass. This success underscores the game's popularity and commercial viability in the gaming market.