The Next Resident Evil May Be Radically Different, With a World as Vast as Elden Ring or Zelda


As an avid gamer who has spent countless hours in the world of Resident Evil, I can’t help but speculate about the future of my beloved franchise. With the resounding success of Resident Evil 4 Remake, fans have been buzzing with anticipation for what’s next. Rumors of a world-altering change have been circulating, hinting at the possibility of a Resident Evil game that breaks away from its traditional formula.

Le prochain Resident Evil doit être radicalement différent des ...

A Shift in Perspective

Resident Evil has carved its place in gaming history as a series known for its claustrophobic, horror-stricken environments and isolated storylines. However, rumors suggest that Capcom may be considering a drastic departure from this established format. Dusk Golem, a reputable source in the gaming industry, claims that the next Resident Evil installment could feature an expansive, open world. This significant shift in design would be a bold move for the franchise, potentially opening up new possibilities for exploration, combat, and storytelling.

Lessons Learned from Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom’s recent success with Dragon’s Dogma II may have paved the way for this potential shift in direction. The game’s open-world format has been praised for its immersion and freedom, presenting players with a vast and dynamic environment to explore. It’s believed that Capcom’s experience in developing Dragon’s Dogma II has equipped them with the tools and knowledge to create a similarly ambitious open world for Resident Evil.

FAQs on Open-World Resident Evil

Q: Why would Resident Evil benefit from an open world?

* Open-world environments offer a greater sense of freedom, exploration, and player choice.
* It allows for more varied and immersive gameplay experiences.
* It opens up possibilities for large-scale battles and dynamic interactions.

Q: How could an open-world Resident Evil maintain its horror elements?

* Dynamic environments and weather conditions could create a sense of isolation and vulnerability.
* Random events and enemy encounters could keep players on edge.
* Enclosed spaces and abandoned buildings within the open world could provide traditional Resident Evil experiences.

Expert Advice for Fans

As we eagerly await official news from Capcom, here are some tips for fans:

* Keep an open mind and be ready for change.
* Embrace the potential for new gameplay mechanics and experiences.
* Don’t lose sight of the series’ core elements, such as horror and suspense.


While the rumors of an open-world Resident Evil remain unconfirmed, they spark excitement and anticipation among fans. Capcom has a history of innovation and surpassing expectations. If they decide to take Resident Evil into uncharted territory, I believe they have the talent and experience to create an extraordinary and unforgettable gaming experience. As we eagerly await more information, let’s embrace the possibilities and imagine the future of our beloved franchise.