Unicorn Overlord Hints of Fire Emblem in New Game from Vanillaware

Vanillaware, the Japanese studio known for its captivating cult classics, has released Unicorn Overlord, its latest high-fantasy tactical game. With its vibrant hand-drawn world and intriguing storyline, Unicorn Overlord is reminiscent of Fire Emblem while offering a twist that’s as unique as its art style.

Vanillaware’s Legacy and Unicorn Overlord’s Gameplay

Unicorn Overlord review: hints of Fire Emblem in new tactical RPG ...

Vanillaware has established a reputation for creating visually stunning and narratively rich games. Unicorn Overlord follows the journey of Alain, a prince seeking to reclaim his stolen kingdom from the tyrannical Valmore, who has usurped the throne. Players embark on a campaign to liberate the world from Zenoiran tyranny by building a formidable rebel army.

The game features an extensive cast of over 60 distinct characters, each with its own strengths and abilities. Players must strategically assemble squads and manage their “Renown” to grow their army. Combat takes an innovative turn as players program their units’ actions rather than directly controlling them.

Unique Features and Influences

Unicorn Overlord’s combat system is heavily influenced by Fire Emblem but adds a unique layer of real-time strategy. Players must guide their troops to engage with enemies and prevent the invasion of their base. They also employ “Valor” to activate special abilities that can turn the tide of battles.

The game’s relationship and rock-scissor-paper fighting systems further enhance the gameplay. As party members fight together, they build a bond called rapport, unfolding entertaining side stories. Positioning becomes crucial to outmaneuver enemies and protect the protagonist’s base.

FAQs on Unicorn Overlord

Q: What is Unicorn Overlord?

A: Unicorn Overlord is a high-fantasy tactical game developed by Vanillaware, featuring a vast cast of characters, strategic combat, and an engaging storyline.

Q: What makes Unicorn Overlord different from Fire Emblem?

A: While inspired by Fire Emblem, Unicorn Overlord introduces real-time strategy elements, customizable unit actions, and a strong emphasis on relationships and positioning.

Q: How many characters are in Unicorn Overlord?

A: Unicorn Overlord features over 60 distinct characters, allowing players to assemble diverse squads with unique abilities.

Expert Tips and Advice

To succeed in Unicorn Overlord:

  • Experiment with different character combinations to discover effective synergies.
  • Prioritize the development of units that complement each other’s weaknesses.
  • Utilize “Valor” wisely to support allies and outmaneuver adversaries.


Unicorn Overlord is a captivating tactical game that combines the familiarity of Fire Emblem with Vanillaware’s distinct flair. Its vast cast, innovative combat, and engaging story will keep players engrossed for hours on end. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the genre or a newcomer seeking an adventure, Unicorn Overlord is an experience that should not be missed.