Yeti's Back in the XC Game With the 2024 ASR

Yeti's Back in the XC Game With the 2024 ASR. As a mountain biker with a penchant for exploring the rough stuff, I’ve always admired Yeti’s craftsmanship and dedication to innovation. So, when the news broke about their latest cross-country sled, the ASR, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

ASR’s Carbon Frame and Geometry

Yeti's Back in the XC Game With the 2024 ASR

ASR’s Carbon Frame:

The ASR’s carbon frame is a masterpiece of engineering. With 36 different carbon layups tested during its development, every ounce of excess carbon has been shaved off while maintaining exceptional strength.


The ASR has a classic XC silhouette with a top-tube mounted shock that leaves room for water bottles and a remote lockout. The 69-degree head angle strikes a balance between providing stability and handling agility.

Suspension and Handling


The ASR’s 115mm of rear travel and 120mm fork work harmoniously, offering a smooth and controlled ride even on rough terrain. The RockShox SID and SIDLux combo delivers an exceptional balance of suppleness and damping.


Despite its increased travel, the ASR retains its nimble handling characteristics. The slacker head angle provides stability at higher speeds without sacrificing cornering sharpness.


Q: How light is the ASR?

A: The ASR’s frame weight is a claimed 1530 grams without a shock. With a shock, it weighs 1830 grams.

Q: What’s the difference between the C and Turq series frames?

A: The C level frame is slightly heavier than the Turq series option, but it offers a more budget-friendly alternative.

Tips and Advice

Tip 1:

Consider upgrading to the Ultimate suspension for enhanced performance.

Tip 2:

Swap the rubber downtube protection and mud flap to save a few extra grams.

Tip 3:

Replace the foam tubes with rubber tubes or remove them altogether for even more weight savings.


The Yeti ASR is a remarkable cross-country bike that combines speed, efficiency, and off-road capability. Its meticulously crafted carbon frame, responsive suspension, and nimble handling make it an ideal choice for conquering technical trails and long distance rides. As an experienced mountain biker, I highly recommend checking out the ASR if you’re in the market for a top-notch XC machine.