Experience Superior Grilling with the Acorn Charcoal Grill

Experience Superior Grilling with the Acorn Charcoal Grill

AKORN Grill Clearance: Exceptional Deals on High-Quality Grills

acorn charcoal grill

Discover Unbeatable Savings on AKORN Grills

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with our AKORN Grill Clearance event, featuring significant discounts on a variety of high-quality AKORN grills. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice looking to explore kamado-style cooking, now is the perfect time to invest in a durable, versatile, and efficient AKORN grill.

Why Choose AKORN Grills?

  • Superior Heat Retention: The triple-walled insulation of AKORN grills ensures consistent heat distribution, making them perfect for a variety of cooking methods, from high-heat searing to low-temperature smoking.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Designed to use less charcoal while maintaining high temperatures, AKORN grills are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Versatility: AKORN grills can handle grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and searing, offering unparalleled cooking versatility.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, including cast iron grates and sturdy steel bodies, AKORN grills are built to last.

Featured Models on Clearance:

  1. AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ Grill with WiFi and Digital Control
    • Highlights: WiFi connectivity, digital temperature control, hands-off cooking experience.
    • Ideal For: Tech-savvy grill enthusiasts who love precision and convenience.
  2. AKORN® Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill, Grey and Red
    • Highlights: Compact design, easy portability, perfect for tailgating and camping.
    • Ideal For: Outdoor adventurers who want a portable yet powerful grill.
  3. AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill, Black and Graphite
    • Highlights: High fuel efficiency, versatile temperature range, ample cooking space.
    • Ideal For: Home cooks who need a reliable and versatile grill for everyday use.
  4. Ceramic AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill
    • Highlights: All-in-one cooking capabilities, dual vents for heat control, large cooking capacity.
    • Ideal For: Grill aficionados looking for a comprehensive and high-capacity grilling solution.

Tips for Scoring the Best Deals:

  • Shop Early: Clearance items are limited in quantity, so shop early to ensure you get the best selection.
  • Check Online and In-Store: Clearance deals may vary between online and physical stores, so explore both options for the best prices.
  • Look for Bundle Offers: Some clearance items may come with bundled accessories or additional discounts, adding even more value to your purchase.

Don't Miss Out!

Take advantage of the AKORN Grill Clearance event and bring home a top-quality grill at an unbeatable price. Enhance your grilling experience with the reliability, versatility, and efficiency of AKORN grills.

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AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ With the Char-Griller

Experience Effortless Charcoal Grilling and Smoking

The Char-Griller AKORN Auto-Kamado Grill with WiFi and digital control revolutionizes the grilling experience. Designed for both novices and seasoned grill masters, this grill simplifies charcoal grilling and smoking. Simply load your charcoal, set your desired cooking temperature on the Digital Controller, and enjoy hands-off barbecuing. This kamado-style grill allows you to sear, smoke, bake, grill, or roast with the press of a button.

Key Features:

  • Digital Control: Set precise temperatures for consistent results.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Monitor and adjust your grill from anywhere using the Char-Griller app.
  • Versatility: Perfect for searing steaks, smoking ribs, baking bread, and more.

Why Choose the AKORN Auto-Kamado?

The kamado design, known for its fuel efficiency and heat retention, ensures even cooking and enhances the flavors of your food. The AKORN Auto-Kamado is built for convenience and performance, making it a must-have for any barbecue enthusiast.

AKORN® Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill, Grey

Portable Perfection for On-the-Go Grilling

The Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill brings the benefits of kamado cooking and the rich flavor of charcoal grilling to your fingertips. Ideal for tailgating, camping, or small gatherings, this grill offers optimal fuel efficiency and versatility for high-heat searing or low-temperature smoking.

AKORN® Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill, Grey

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Easily transportable for outdoor adventures.
  • High-Quality Materials: Cast iron cooking grates, steel side shelves, and a removable stainless steel warming rack.
  • Versatility: From burgers to brisket, this grill handles it all.

Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Akorn Jr. Kamado's efficient design ensures you get the most out of your charcoal, making it both eco-friendly and economical. Whether you’re grilling at the park or in your backyard, this grill promises delicious results every time.

AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill, Black - Product Highlights

The Ultimate Kamado Cooking Experience

The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill in black combines high fuel efficiency with exceptional cooking versatility. This grill is perfect for everything from high-heat searing to low-temperature smoking.

AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill, Black - Product Highlights


  • Kamado-Style Design: Retains heat for longer and ensures even cooking.
  • Ample Cooking Space: 445 sq. in. total, with a removable warming rack.
  • Temperature Range: Versatile range from 200°-700°F.
  • Durable Construction: Triple-walled insulation and carbon steel side shelves.
  • Easy Cleanup: EasyDump™ Ash Pan for quick ash disposal.
  • Additional Accessories: Includes grill grate lifter and cast iron cooking grates.

Perfect for Entertaining

This grill is ideal for hosting family and friends, with the capacity to cook up to 23 burgers at once. Its high efficiency and versatile cooking capabilities make it a favorite for any barbecue enthusiast.

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AKORN® Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill, Red

Compact and Versatile Grilling

The Char-Griller AKORN Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill delivers a superior grilling experience in a portable package. Its cast iron grill grates, Easy Dump™ ash pan, and adjustable dampers give you complete control over your cooking.

AKORN® Jr. Kamado Charcoal Grill, Red

Key Features:

  • Durability: Made with heavy-duty materials to withstand frequent use.
  • Ease of Use: The Easy Dump™ ash pan and dual dampers make grilling simple and efficient.
  • Capacity: Can cook up to 8 burgers at once, perfect for small gatherings.

Ideal for Tailgating and Camping

The Akorn Jr. Kamado's lightweight design makes it perfect for grilling on the go. Whether you're at a tailgate, camping trip, or picnic, this grill ensures you never have to compromise on flavor or quality.

Ceramic AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill

The Ultimate All-In-One Grill

The Char-Griller Ceramic AKORN Kamado Charcoal Grill offers unparalleled versatility. This grill can handle everything from grilling and smoking to roasting, searing, and baking.

Ceramic AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Holds up to 15 burgers, making it ideal for large gatherings.
  • Heat Control: Dual vents and a triple-walled design ensure precise temperature management.
  • Convenience: Side shelves provide ample space for preparation, and the Easy Dump™ ash pan simplifies cleanup.

A Grilling Enthusiast's Dream

The Ceramic AKORN is designed for those who take their grilling seriously. Its advanced features and robust construction make it a reliable choice for any grilling aficionado.

Grilled Acorn Squash Recipe

A Delicious Twist on a Traditional Side Dish

Grilled Acorn Squash is a delightful, gluten-free, and dairy-free vegetable side dish that can be prepared in just 30 minutes. This recipe brings a unique twist to a classic, making it perfect for any meal, especially during the holidays.

Grilled Acorn Squash Recipe


  • 1 green acorn squash
  • 2 tbsp grapeseed oil
  • Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and a dash of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tbsp honey


  1. Preheat the Grill: Heat your grill to high, then clean and reduce to low (300-350°F).
  2. Prepare the Squash: Slice the acorn squash in half, remove seeds, and cut into 8 segments. Drizzle with grapeseed oil and season with spices.
  3. Grill: Spray the grill with non-stick spray. Place squash on the grill and cook with the lid closed for 20 minutes, flipping at the 10-minute mark.
  4. Serve: Once tender, drizzle with honey and serve immediately.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Slice with Care: Acorn squash can be tough to cut. Ask your grocer to halve it if you plan to cook it soon.
  • Season Generously: Grilled acorn squash shines with ample seasoning.
  • Grill Options: Works well on both gas and charcoal grills; adjust cooking times as needed.
  • Make It Vegan: Substitute honey with agave nectar, maple syrup, or Bee Free Honee.

Perfect Pairing

Pair this grilled acorn squash with grilled ham steaks for a complete and satisfying meal. If you try this recipe, please leave a star rating and comment to share your experience!

Comprehensive Guide to AKORN Grill Parts Enhance and Maintain Your Grill

Optimize Your Grilling Experience with Genuine AKORN Grill Parts

Maintaining the performance and longevity of your AKORN grill is essential for enjoying the best grilling experiences. Genuine AKORN grill parts ensure your grill functions efficiently, providing consistent results and extending its lifespan. This guide covers essential AKORN grill parts, their benefits, and tips for maintenance and replacement.

AKORN Grill Parts

Essential AKORN Grill Parts:

  1. Cast Iron Cooking Grates
    • Benefits: Cast iron grates provide superior heat retention and distribution, creating perfect sear marks and enhancing flavor. They are durable and long-lasting when properly maintained.
    • Maintenance Tips: Season the grates regularly with oil to prevent rust and ensure a non-stick surface. Clean them after each use with a grill brush.
  2. Ash Pan (Easy Dump™)
    • Benefits: The Easy Dump™ ash pan simplifies ash removal, making cleanup quick and hassle-free. It helps maintain airflow for consistent temperature control.
    • Maintenance Tips: Empty the ash pan after every use to prevent buildup and ensure proper airflow. Regularly inspect for wear and replace as needed.
  3. Grill Grate Lifter
    • Benefits: The grill grate lifter allows you to safely and easily remove or adjust the cooking grates without burning yourself. It's a handy tool for adding charcoal or wood chips during cooking.
    • Maintenance Tips: Keep the lifter clean and store it in a dry place to prevent rust.
  4. Steel Side Shelves
    • Benefits: These durable shelves provide additional workspace for food preparation and utensil storage. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy use.
    • Maintenance Tips: Wipe down the shelves after each use to remove grease and food residue. Check for stability and tighten any loose screws or bolts.
  5. Dual Adjustable Dampers
    • Benefits: Dampers control airflow and temperature inside the grill, allowing for precise cooking. Properly functioning dampers are crucial for smoking and low-temperature cooking.
    • Maintenance Tips: Clean the dampers regularly to prevent blockage. Ensure they open and close smoothly and replace if they become warped or damaged.
  6. Triple-Walled Insulation
    • Benefits: The triple-walled insulation retains heat and enhances fuel efficiency, ensuring even cooking temperatures. It contributes to longer burn times and juicier, more flavorful meats.
    • Maintenance Tips: Inspect the insulation for any signs of wear or damage. Clean the exterior regularly to maintain its appearance and functionality.
  7. Removable Warming Rack
    • Benefits: The warming rack keeps cooked food warm without overcooking. It's perfect for maintaining food temperature during long grilling sessions.
    • Maintenance Tips: Clean the warming rack after each use and ensure it is securely attached to the grill.
  8. Temperature Gauge
    • Benefits: An accurate temperature gauge helps you monitor and control the internal temperature of your grill, ensuring precise cooking results.
    • Maintenance Tips: Calibrate the temperature gauge periodically to ensure accuracy. Replace if it becomes faulty or unreadable.

Tips for Purchasing AKORN Grill Parts:

  • Buy Genuine Parts: Ensure compatibility and quality by purchasing genuine AKORN grill parts from authorized dealers or the official Char-Griller website.
  • Check Compatibility: Verify that the parts are compatible with your specific AKORN grill model to avoid issues during installation and use.
  • Read Reviews: Look for customer reviews and ratings to get insights into the performance and durability of the parts you intend to buy.
  • Consider Upgrades: Some parts, like enhanced grates or additional shelves, can improve your grilling experience. Consider upgrading components for added functionality.

Where to Buy AKORN Grill Parts:

  • Official Char-Griller Website: The best place to find genuine AKORN parts, with detailed product descriptions and compatibility information.
  • Authorized Retailers: Many home improvement stores and online retailers carry AKORN grill parts. Ensure they are authorized dealers to guarantee authenticity.
  • Specialty BBQ Stores: These stores often have a range of grill parts and accessories, along with knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the right components.

Maintaining Your AKORN Grill:

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn-out parts are crucial for the longevity and performance of your AKORN grill. By investing in genuine parts and following proper care practices, you can ensure your grill remains in top condition for years to come.

Genuine AKORN grill parts are essential for maintaining the efficiency, performance, and longevity of your grill. By understanding the benefits and maintenance tips for each component, you can optimize your grilling experience and enjoy delicious meals with family and friends. Invest in quality parts and regular upkeep to keep your AKORN grill running smoothly and delivering exceptional results every time.

Elevate Your Grilling Experience with Char-Griller AKORN Accessories

Enhance Your AKORN Grill with Premium Accessories

Maximize the versatility and performance of your Char-Griller AKORN grill with a range of high-quality accessories designed to elevate your grilling experience. From tools that simplify cooking to accessories that expand your grill's capabilities, discover how to make the most out of your AKORN grill with these must-have additions.

Top Char-Griller AKORN Accessories:

  1. AKORN Kamado Smoking Stone
    • Benefits: The smoking stone allows for indirect cooking, transforming your AKORN grill into a smoker. It helps distribute heat evenly and prevents flare-ups, ensuring perfectly smoked meats and vegetables.
    • Usage Tips: Place the smoking stone between the charcoal and the cooking grate. Use it for slow-cooking ribs, brisket, or other large cuts of meat to achieve tender, smoky results.

      Char-Griller AKORN Accessories - Smoking Stone

  2. Grill Cover
    • Benefits: Protect your AKORN grill from the elements with a durable, weather-resistant cover. It helps prevent rust, fading, and wear, extending the life of your grill.
    • Usage Tips: Always cover your grill when not in use, especially during harsh weather conditions. Ensure the cover fits snugly and is securely fastened.

      AKORN Kamado Grill Cover

  3. Grill Mat
    • Benefits: A grill mat protects your deck or patio from grease stains, spills, and sparks. It provides a safe and clean grilling environment.
    • Usage Tips: Place the mat under your grill before cooking. Clean it regularly to maintain its protective properties.

      AKORN Kamado Grill Mat

  4. Charcoal Chimney Starter
    • Benefits: A charcoal chimney starter quickly and efficiently ignites your charcoal without the need for lighter fluid. It ensures an even burn and consistent heat.
    • Usage Tips: Fill the chimney with charcoal, place it over a few crumpled newspaper sheets, and light the paper. Once the coals are glowing red and covered with ash, pour them into your grill.

      AKORN Kamado Charcoal Chimney Starter

  5. Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
    • Benefits: This versatile accessory offers a flat cooking surface for pancakes, eggs, and other delicate foods. The ridged side is perfect for searing steaks and burgers.
    • Usage Tips: Preheat the griddle on the grill and lightly oil the surface before cooking. Clean and season the cast iron regularly to prevent rust and maintain its non-stick properties.

      AKORN Kamado Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

  6. Grill Basket
    • Benefits: A grill basket is ideal for grilling small or delicate foods like vegetables, shrimp, or fish. It prevents food from falling through the grates and ensures even cooking.
    • Usage Tips: Lightly oil the basket to prevent sticking and toss the food occasionally for even grilling. Wash the basket after each use to keep it in good condition.

      AKORN Kamado Grill Basket

  7. Rotisserie Kit
    • Benefits: Add the capability to rotisserie cook to your AKORN grill. The rotisserie kit provides even cooking and self-basting, resulting in juicy, flavorful meats.
    • Usage Tips: Balance the meat on the spit for even rotation. Use the rotisserie for roasting chicken, turkey, or roasts to perfection.

      AKORN Kamado Rotisserie Kit

  8. Meat Thermometer
    • Benefits: Ensure your meats are cooked to the perfect temperature with a reliable meat thermometer. It helps prevent overcooking or undercooking, ensuring food safety and optimal taste.
    • Usage Tips: Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, avoiding bones. Check temperatures regularly and remove meat from the grill once it reaches the desired doneness.

      AKORN Kamado Meat Thermometer

  9. Pizza Stone
    • Benefits: Transform your AKORN grill into a pizza oven with a ceramic pizza stone. It delivers crispy crusts and evenly cooked toppings.
    • Usage Tips: Preheat the pizza stone on the grill before adding the pizza. Use cornmeal or parchment paper to prevent sticking.

      AKORN Kamado Pizza Stone

  10. Heat-Resistant Gloves
    • Benefits: Protect your hands from high heat and potential burns with heat-resistant gloves. They provide better grip and safety while handling hot grill components.
    • Usage Tips: Wear gloves when adjusting grates, handling hot food, or using the chimney starter. Ensure they are clean and dry for optimal performance.

      AKORN Kamado Heat-Resistant Gloves

Where to Buy Char-Griller AKORN Accessories:

  • Official Char-Griller Website: Find a comprehensive selection of genuine accessories designed specifically for your AKORN grill.
  • Authorized Retailers: Many home improvement stores and online retailers carry Char-Griller accessories. Ensure they are authorized dealers to guarantee authenticity and quality.
  • Specialty BBQ Stores: These stores often offer a range of grilling accessories and can provide expert advice on the best additions for your AKORN grill.

Tips for Choosing Accessories:

  • Identify Your Needs: Consider the types of foods you grill most often and choose accessories that complement your cooking style.
  • Read Reviews: Customer reviews and ratings can provide insights into the performance and durability of accessories.
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the accessories are compatible with your specific AKORN grill model to avoid issues during use.

Maintaining Your AKORN Grill Accessories:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean accessories after each use to prevent buildup and maintain their functionality.
  • Proper Storage: Store accessories in a dry, protected area to prevent rust and damage.
  • Routine Inspections: Regularly inspect accessories for wear and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Enhancing your Char-Griller AKORN grill with the right accessories can significantly improve your grilling experience, offering greater versatility, convenience, and safety. Invest in high-quality accessories to maximize the potential of your AKORN grill and enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked meals every time you fire it up.

Akorn Auto Kamado review

  • "I recently bought the AKORN Auto-Kamado Grill on clearance, and it has transformed my grilling game. The digital controls and WiFi connectivity make it so easy to get perfect results every time." – John D.
  • "The AKORN Jr. Kamado Grill is a game-changer for our camping trips. It's compact yet powerful, and the food always tastes amazing." – Sarah L.
  • "I love my new AKORN Kamado Grill. It's incredibly efficient, and the triple-walled insulation really makes a difference in cooking times and fuel usage." – Mike R.