Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Aussie Charcoal Grill

Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Aussie Charcoal Grill

Take your barbecue party to the park with the Aussie Kettle 21.25-in charcoal grill. Its chrome-plated steel cooking grate provides 332 sq. in. of cooking space, ensuring even heat distribution and preventing flare-ups while grilling burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and fish.

Aussie Charcoal Grill

The stay-cool hood handle protects against burns, and the hanging hook keeps cooking utensils within easy reach. The retractable legs make transport and storage effortless, allowing you to easily bring the grill to the pool or park. The ocean blue lid adds a stylish touch wherever you grill. The adjustable hood and bowl vent offer superior temperature control, and the easy-clean ash removal system ensures quick, mess-free cleanup. The grill comes completely pre-assembled, so you can start grilling immediately.

  1. Aussie Kettle 21.25-in charcoal grill is perfect for camping, tailgating, or everyday cookouts.
  2. Chrome-plated steel cooking grate with 332 sq. in. of cooking area ensures even heat distribution and prevents flare-ups.
  3. Retractable legs make transport and storage effortless.
  4. Adjustable hood and bowl vent provide superior temperature control.
  5. Easy-clean ash removal system ensures quick, mess-free cleanup.
  6. Ocean blue lid adds a cheerful, stylish touch.
  7. Completely pre-assembled for immediate use.
  8. Stay-cool handle prevents burns while grilling.
  9. Hanging hook keeps cooking utensils within easy reach.

Specifications of Aussie Charcoal Grills

Color/Finish FamilyBlue
Series NameN/A
Manufacturer Color/FinishOcean Blue
Assembled Depth (Inches)28
Firebox Depth (Inches)26.25
Assembled Height (Inches)35
Firebox Width (Inches)21.25
Assembled Weight (lbs.)18.25
SizeSmall (Up to 449-sq in)
Assembled Width (Inches)21.75
Adjustable Charcoal TrayNo
Side ShelfNone
Cooking Surface MaterialPlated steel
Team NameN/A
Grill StyleKettle
Lid MaterialPainted steel
Temperature GaugeNo
Lowe's ExclusiveNo
Total Cooking Area (Sq. Inches)332
Primary Cooking Area (Sq. Inches)332
Warming RackNo
Removable Ash CatcherYes
Warming Rack Area (Sq. Inches)0
Matching Cover (Item #)N/A
Smart CompatibleNo
Grill Warranty90-day
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)Prop 65 WARNING(S) -

Comparison Guide: Aussie Charcoal Grill

Americana21.25-in W Ocean Blue Kettle Charcoal GrillAmericana21.25-in W Ocean Blue Kettle Charcoal GrillAmericana21.25-in W Ocean Blue Kettle Charcoal GrillAmericana21.25-in W Ocean Blue Kettle Charcoal GrillMaster Forge22.17-in W Black Porcelain Coated Kettle Charcoal GrillMaster Forge22.17-in W Black Porcelain Coated Kettle Charcoal GrillWeberOriginal Kettle 22-in W Black Kettle Charcoal GrillWeberOriginal Kettle 22-in W Black Kettle Charcoal Grill
$64.98SAVE 15%
Small (Up to 449-sq in)Small (Up to 449-sq in)Medium (450 to 549-sq in)Small (Up to 449-sq in)
Removable Ash Catcher
Adjustable Charcoal Tray
Temperature Gauge
Warming Rack

Buying Guide Aussie Charcoal Grill

Aussie charcoal grills are a popular choice for those who love the smoky flavor that charcoal grilling provides. They come in a variety of sizes and features, so there's sure to be one that's perfect for your needs. Here's a guide to help you choose the right Aussie charcoal grill for you:

Aussie Charcoal Grill Price

Price range overview:

Aussie charcoal grills are generally considered to be budget-friendly grills. Prices can range from around $30 for a basic portable grill to around $100 for a larger grill with more features.

Factors affecting the price:

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of an Aussie charcoal grill, including:

  • Size: Larger grills will typically be more expensive than smaller grills.
  • Features: Grills with more features, such as a side table or a built-in thermometer, will typically be more expensive than grills with fewer features.
  • Material: Stainless steel grills will typically be more expensive than porcelain-coated steel grills.

Value for money considerations:

When considering the price of an Aussie charcoal grill, it's important to consider the value for money. A more expensive grill may be worth the investment if it's made from high-quality materials and has features that are important to you. However, if you're on a tight budget, a basic grill may be all you need.

Aussie Charcoal Grill for Sale

Here are some of the places where you can find Aussie charcoal grills for sale:

  • Online retailers: You can find a wide selection of Aussie charcoal grills for sale online at retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.
  • Department stores: Many department stores also sell Aussie charcoal grills.
  • Discount stores: You may be able to find Aussie charcoal grills at discount stores such as Big Lots or Ollie's Bargain Outlet.

Best places to buy (online and offline)

The best place to buy an Aussie charcoal grill depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you're looking for the widest selection of grills, then online retailers are a good option. However, if you want to be able to see the grill in person before you buy it, then a department store or discount store may be a better option.

Tips for finding discounts and deals

There are a number of ways to find discounts and deals on Aussie charcoal grills. Here are a few tips:

  • Shop during sales: Many retailers offer discounts on Aussie charcoal grills during sales events such as Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.
  • Look for coupons: You can often find coupons for Aussie charcoal grills online or in Sunday newspapers.
  • Compare prices: Before you buy an Aussie charcoal grill, be sure to compare prices from a number of different retailers.

Seasonal sales and promotions

Aussie charcoal grills are often discounted during the summer months, as this is when most people are grilling. You may also be able to find deals on Aussie charcoal grills around holidays such as Father's Day and the Fourth of July.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect Aussie charcoal grill for your needs at a great price. Happy grilling!

Maintenance and Accessories Keeping Your Aussie Charcoal Grill Going Strong

Aussie Charcoal Grill Replacement Parts

Your Aussie charcoal grill will last for years with proper care, but some parts will inevitably need to be replaced over time. Here's what you need to know:

  • Commonly replaced parts:

    • Cooking grates
    • Heat plates or flame tamers
    • Ash pans
    • Dampers
    • Thermometers
    • Burners (if applicable)
  • Where to buy replacement parts:

    • You can find replacement parts for Aussie charcoal grills online at retailers like [grill parts supplier websites] or directly from Aussie parts suppliers (if available).
    • Many hardware stores and home improvement stores also carry a selection of generic replacement parts that may be compatible with your Aussie grill.
    • When searching for parts, have your grill's model number handy. This will ensure you get the correct parts for your specific grill.
  • Tips for extending the lifespan of your grill:

    • Clean your grill after each use (see cleaning tips below).
    • Store your grill in a dry, covered location when not in use.
    • Cover your grill with a grill cover when not in use. This will protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan.
    • Inspect your grill regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Replace any worn or damaged parts promptly.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

  • How to clean your Aussie charcoal grill:

    • After each use:
      • Allow the grill to cool completely before cleaning.
      • Brush off any food debris from the cooking grates with a grill brush.
      • Empty the ash pan and dispose of the ashes properly.
    • Deep cleaning:
      • Every few uses, or once a season, give your grill a more thorough cleaning.
      • Remove the cooking grates and heat plates (if applicable) and wash them with hot, soapy water.
      • Wipe down the inside of the grill with a damp cloth.
      • You can also use a commercial grill cleaner to remove stubborn grease and grime.
  • Maintenance schedule and best practices:

    • At the beginning of each grilling season:
      • Inspect your grill for any signs of wear and tear.
      • Replace any worn or damaged parts.
      • Clean the grill thoroughly (see deep cleaning above).
    • Throughout the grilling season:
      • Clean the grill after each use (see after each use cleaning above).
      • Empty the ash pan regularly.
    • At the end of the grilling season:
      • Give your grill a deep cleaning (see deep cleaning above).
      • Cover your grill and store it in a dry, covered location.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are some common issues that you may encounter with your Aussie charcoal grill, along with some tips for troubleshooting them:

  • Problem: The grill won't light.
    • Possible causes: Empty propane tank (if applicable), clogged burner, faulty igniter.
    • Solutions: Check the propane tank level and refill if necessary. Clean the burner with a wire brush. If the igniter is faulty, you may need to replace it.
  • Problem: The grill isn't getting hot enough.
    • Possible causes: Clogged vents, dirty heat plates or flame tamers.
    • Solutions: Open the vents to allow for more airflow. Clean the heat plates and flame tamers with a wire brush.
  • Problem: There are flare-ups.
    • Possible causes: Too much grease buildup on the cooking grates, using too much lighter fluid.
    • Solutions: Clean the cooking grates regularly. Use a long-handled lighter to avoid burning yourself. Don't use lighter fluid on a hot grill.

By following these maintenance and cleaning tips, you can keep your Aussie charcoal grill in top condition for years to come.

Locations and Availability

Based on the information you provided, it appears that Aussie Charcoal Grills are not sold in physical stores but are available online from several retailers:

  • Offers a variety of Aussie branded charcoal grills, including portable 18-inch models.
  • Home Depot (Canada): Sells the Americana Aussie Walk-A-Bout Charcoal Grill, a pre-assembled portable option.
  • Target: Carries Aussie portable charcoal grills, though specific models may vary.
  • Walmart: While they don't carry Aussie branded grills, they offer the Seizeen Charcoal Grill which has similar features.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Review 1:
This isn't a fancy grill; it doesn't have extra options to turn into a smoker, nor does it offer precise temperature control. What it does well is being a straightforward, unassuming charcoal grill at a fair price. The legs come slid in and folded down flat; you just push in the little buttons, slide the legs out, unfold them, and they snap into place. Inside, it has the grill and an ash catch tray. Add some charcoal, and you’re good to go. If you have more grilling and smoking expertise, you could probably do more with this grill. But for a hassle-free Sunday grilling session, this is perfect. Setup and tear down are quick and easy. The coals and grill cool down faster than it takes to clean everything up. I would definitely recommend this grill if you want something simple and easy to use.

Review 2:
The product is good, but I could tell it was a return or that the box got banged up in transit. There were dents on the grill, the latch was twisted, and I had to adjust it. One of the hooks for the grate was twisted, and I had to fix that too. Honestly, it’s a place for fire—it’s going to get dirty and bend a little. I didn’t feel like returning it, so I kept it. It’s a great grill, and eventually, I would have put dents and dings on it anyway.

Review 3:
I ordered this grill based only on the star rating without reading the reviews. A day later, I started reading the reviews and began panicking over concerns about the paint falling off and the grill being too short. I almost canceled my order. Fortunately, I didn't. I wonder how many people who reviewed this have used a charcoal grill before. Yes, for storage purposes, the legs appear short, but by simply pulling...

QnA :

What is the difference between American BBQ and Australian BBQ?

Generally, American BBQ emphasizes pork and beef, featuring popular dishes like ribs, pulled pork, smoked sausages, and brisket. In contrast, Australian BBQ includes a broader variety of meats, ranging from beef and pork to seafood, kangaroo, and emu.

What is aussie barbecue?

Australian BBQ involves cooking meats over an open flame, with a focus on grilled meats rather than slow-cooked BBQ. Popular choices include steak, sausages, and lamb chops, often cooked quickly over high heat to achieve a char-grilled flavor.

Are charcoal grills good?

Charcoal grills are excellent for achieving that quintessential smoky taste, adding a classic aroma and flavor to your food. They are perfect for summer cookouts, providing the traditional smoky barbecue experience.

Are charcoal BBQs healthy?

While gas or electric grills may pose a lower risk of introducing carcinogens in foods compared to charcoal grills, it’s important to note that charcoal itself is not a carcinogen. However, cooking with charcoal can be linked to cancer risks due to the high temperatures at which it cooks food.